Friday, October 2, 2009


Jewellery of Indian industry brings to mind fascinating articles with a traditional touch and timeless beauty and elegance. The beginning of Jewellery in India started 100 years ago and in early times Indians used to wear Jewellery made of shells and turquoise.

Costume and body Jewellery of India is also very famous and different materials are used to make intricate designs. Materials used for costume jewels include plastic, glass and metals. Antique Jewellery from India is also top rated Jewellery. The fancy and inspirational antique Jewellery is a unique work of ancient art with trendy styles.

The traditional and classical Jewellery of India is known as Temple Jewellery. Temple Jewellery usually consists of red and green stones studded in handcrafted gold ornaments. These items of temple Jewellery are very expensive due to the complicated hand work done by the craftsmen. Temple Jewellery is associated with the dancers.

The specialty of Indian jewellery is the beautiful bindis and panjas. Bindi is an essential item of jewellery for married Indian women.

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