Friday, October 2, 2009


In March 2008, the gold price reached above $1000, achieving an all-time nominal high of $1004.38, which in real terms was still well below the $850 peak in 1980. It then fell, going as low as $712.30 in November, then resumed its upward trend, temporarily breaking the $1000 barrier again in late February 2009 and a third time in early September the same year. After fluctuation around the USD$1000.00 mark in mid-September 2009, U.S. gold markets closed holding steadily at USD$1004.90. Later in the same month, gold peaked at the 2nd-highest dollar trading mark in history at USD$1023.30. Pricing declined moderately in late September 2009, falling back to USD$991.70 for the week ending on September 25, 2009. An intraday record price of USD$1033.90 was reached in March of 2008, numerically the highest to-date.

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